Need a vehicle for your road test?

Please complete our Vehicle Rental Form at least four weeks prior to your road test appointment. Please ensure you have all your documents and a confirmed road test appointment. If the instructor takes you to the road test and you are not allowed to take the test due to no fault of ours, we will deduct an $80 fee.

Acceptable DDS Centers below:

  • Decatur
  • Lithonia
  • Norcross
  • Marietta

If your DDS Center is more than 20 miles from our office address or your pick up address, there will be additional fees. Please choose a DDS Center nearest to you and schedule your road test appointment well in advance.


  • $125- No pick up/No Drop off/No pre-test practice- Must have 40 hours of Behind-the-Wheel Experience
  • $160- Current JDR Students with 6 hours or more training with JDR/Pick up & drop off included
  • $220-30 minutes pre-test practice included/Pick up & drop off included- DDS Center less than 30 minutes from pick up address
  • $290- One hour refresher/DDS Center more than 30 minutes from office/pickup address but less than an hour/Pick up & drop off included

This pricing is limited to two hours of waiting time. If waiting time exceeds two hours, there will be a surcharge fee of $20 for every additional hour. If your appointment is 10 a.m. and you complete your road test at 1 p.m., your additional fee will be $20. The surcharge fee is prorated.

JDR Road Test Service Requirements

  • Must have a confirmed road test appointment with GA DDS
  • Must satisfy GA driver's license requirement of at least 40 hours of driving
  • Must be eligible to take the road test in Georgia
  • Must have taken at least one driving session with Just Drive Right and the instructor must agree that you are ready for the road test