1. Is your driving school approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services?

Yes, Just Drive Right is licensed by the state of Georgia .

2. Does my instructor have an instructor's license?

Yes, all instructors from Just Drive Right must have an instructor's license to be employed by the school.

3. How do I make an appointment?

You must use our SignUp Form to make an appointment. 

4. How does this work?

Please use our Sign Up form to be added to our waiting list. We will contact you and schedule your driver training when it is your turn. Your lessons will be structured around what you need. All weak areas will be focused on to improve your overall driving skills.

5. Will your driving school pick me up from my home or location?

Just Drive Right operates in the North Decatur area. If you live outside this city, please call to find out if we can pick you up. You have the option of meeting at our office or a zip code we serve.

6. How many hours of training will I need?

A student will have to be observed first. Everyone learns at a different pace and a definite number of hours can not be determined before the student is observed or assessed.

7. What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently, we accept credit/debit card payments via online invoices, CashApp, Paypal, Venmo, and Zelle. Instructors are no longer collecting or processing payments therefore you must pay using one of the above payment methods. Your payment must be submitted/processed before the instructor arrives.

8. Does your vehicle have insurance?

Yes, our vehicle has commercial insurance coverage for personal injury and property damage.

9. Can I do my road test without having a learner's permit(CP)?

No, you must have an instructional CP license before you take the road test. 

10. Do you train teenagers?

Yes, we train any individual who is eligible for a learner's permit in the state of Georgia.

11. Can you take my teenager for the learner's permit/road test?

Yes, we may take your teenager to the road test if an instructor is available.The Parental affidavit form will have to be notarized before the road test.

12. Is Behind the Wheel training going to lower my insurance?

Just Drive Right will give each student a Certificate of Completion after completion of 6 hours or more of behind the wheel training. Please check with your insurance company to verify if they will lower your insurance with a DDS Certificate of Completion.

13. What do I need to start behind the wheel training?

You must have a valid learner's permit (class CP license) from the state of Georgia.

14. How much will I have to pay to use the vehicle for the road test?

Please review our road test page for more information.

15. May another individual accompany me on my lesson?

Unfortunately, our insurance does not cover additional passengers. Additionally, our sessions are one on one and it could be a distraction and unsafe for the instructor to have another individual present. 

16. Can I pay for my lesson another time?

No, you must pay before the instructor arrives.

17. Will I be able to take my road test after my training?

You will have to visit the Georgia Department of Driver Services website and follows instructions to make your road test appointment. Currently, road test appointments should be made at least 6-8 weeks prior to the desired road test date.

18. I have made an appointment for my road test, will your driving school provide the vehicle for my test?

Please review our road test page for more information.

19. Do you provide training in manual or automatic vehicles?

Our training vehicles are all automatic. We do not provide instruction for manual transmissions.

20. Do your vehicles have dual controls?

Yes, our vehicles are equipped with instructor's brakes and dual mirrors.

21. Do you teach night driving?

Fall, Winter and Spring, the latest night session is 5-7 p.m. No night sessions during the summer season.

22. I am very nervous, can I still learn?

Yes, most of our students have some level of fear or anxiety associated with learning how to drive. However, our instructors are patient, kind and empathetic. Once you start to learn and build confidence, most of those fears should subside. If you have any physical or mental impairments that affect how you learn, please let us know in advance. If we are not equipped to help, we will let you know.

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