How Does it Work?

1. Click Sign Up  You will receive an email with available time slots, total cost and requirements before 5 p.m the same day or the following day if Sign Up Form submitted after 5 p.m. You may also call or text 404-993-5622 to schedule your first driving lesson during business hours.

2. Instructor picks you up from address listed on the SignUp Form. Necessary forms filled and signed. Payment will be processed before the session begins. Beginners start in a parking lot. Students with previous experience will start immediately in a low speed environmennt. Basic driving skills will be assessed and worked on before going to the next stage.

3. Student drives home or is dropped off. You may book additional sessions at this time with the instructor or call/email the main office.


Driving Lessons Sign Up

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JUST DRIVE RIGHT is a state licensed driver training school and all vehicles have commercial insurance. Driver training vehicles are equipped with dual brakes and mirrors. You may pay lesson by lesson or pay for a package upfront. The duration of your lesson may be 1-2 hours. We do not exceed 2 hours per session. Payment is processed when your instructor picks you up. Your instructor will recommend the number of hours you need to drive competently on your own after the first driver training session. 

NOTEIf you wish to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance to do so. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will result in a cancellation fee of $25. Instructors will collect payment before the lesson begins.


    Pricing Packages

    SIGN UP TODAY! Call or text 404-993-5622 or use our SignUp form. We will schedule your first lesson based on availability. We advise that you schedule your first session at least a week or two in advance during the summer. All instructors have mobile payment machines and will accept your payment before your lesson begins. Pricing for Decatur below. Driving packages are completed in 2 hour increments. If you would like one hour each session, your price will be $55 each hour.

    *Signing up for a package does not guarantee that our vehicle will be approved for your road test. The road test service is only approved if you possess all necessary skills needed to pass the road exam

    • $55- 1 hour
    • $100- 2 hours
    • $270-6 hr pk- recommended for students with previous experience of 6 hours or more
    • $450-10 hr pk- (Most popular)- recommended for students with little experience
    • $900-20 hr pk- recommended for beginners-no experience
    • $1,800-40 hr pk- students fulfilling GA driving requirement or Joshua's Law
    The benefits of paying for a package upfront are:
    • Road test service fee is $100 instead of $125
    • Priority in scheduling
    • $90 for each 2 hour session when you pay for 6 or more hours on the first day

    Please call 404-993-5622 if you require pricing for a custom number of hours. 


  • Please note the Department of Driver Services does not provide a vehicle for your road test. You may reserve a driver training vehicle from our school. Our training instructor will not approve the vehicle for the road test if the student is not capable of demonstrating the necessary driving skills needed to drive safely and pass the road test. It is your responsibility to ensure that you practice and prepare for your road test before your road test date. Pricing below.

  • Road Test Pricing below-valid for Decatur, Lithonia and Norcross DDS Centers. Call for pricing if your center is not included in this list. All road test services include pickup and drop off.

     $125  $180  $215
      1 hour pre-test practice 2 hours pre-test practice


NOTEMoney for packages must be paid at the first lesson. You do not have a package if you did not pay the package price at the first driver training session. Students with pricing packages have first priority for scheduling.

If the instructor takes you to the road test and you are not eligible to take the test, you will have to pay for the instructor's time from pick up to drop off.

Acceptable forms of payment are cash, Zelle transactions, debit/credit cards, checks, money orders and cashapp/venmo transactions. A receipt will be given. There will be no refund of money in whole or part for any student's failure to complete training.


Office hours

Please note that driver training instructors will work before or after stated office hours below.

Mon-Fri 8a.m-12p.m, 1p.m-5p.m

Sat- 9am-1p.m

Sun-Office Closed