How Does it Work?

1. Click Sign Up  

You will be automatically added to our waiting list. When it is your turn, we will email your schedule and payment information. Please do not pay for the Behind-the-Wheel sessions unless you have received a confirmation or you have spoken to a representative from our driving school. All customers must use our Sign Up Form to get on our waiting list. All training is completed in automatic transmission vehicles.

2. Instructor picks you up from address listed on the SignUp Form. Necessary forms filled and signed. Payment must be submitted before the instructor arrives. Beginners start in a parking lot or residential neighborhood. Students with previous experience will start immediately in a low speed environmennt. Basic driving skills will be assessed and worked on before going to the next stage.

3. Student drives home or is dropped off. You may book additional sessions at this time with the instructor or call/email the main office.


JUST DRIVE RIGHT is a state licensed driver training school and all vehicles have commercial insurance. Driver training vehicles are equipped with dual brakes and mirrors. You may pay lesson by lesson or pay for a package upfront. Packages are completed in 2 hour increments. We do not exceed 2 hours per session. All fees must be paid before the instructor arrives.  


    Pricing Packages

    SIGN UP TODAY! Please use our SignUp form. We will schedule your first lesson based on availability. All fees must be paid prior to the instructor's arrival. All pricing information will be emailed to our students with confirmed time slots. Pricing for Decatur below. Driving packages are completed in 2 hour increments. If you would like an hour each session, your price will be $80/hr. Currently, we are not signing students for more than 10 hours at a time due the high demand for driver training.

    Price Disclaimer-We reserve the right to change our prices at any time without further notice. However, if you have signed a student contract at an agreed upon price for a definite number of hours, your price is guaranteed. 

    • $80- 1 hour
    • $150- 2 hours
    • $390-6 hr pk- recommended for students with previous experience of 6 hours or more
    • $600-10 hr pk- (Most popular)- recommended for students with little experience

    Please call 404-993-5622 if you require pricing for a custom number of hours. 

Money for packages must be paid before the first lesson. Students with pricing packages have first priority for scheduling.

Acceptable forms of payment are Paypal, Venmo, Zelle transactions, debit/credit cards and CashApp transactions. A receipt will be given. There will be no refund of money in whole or part for any student's failure to complete training.


Office hours

Please note that driver training instructors will work before or after stated office hours below.

Mon-Fri 9a.m-12 p.m, 1p.m-4 p.m

Sat- 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Sun-Office Closed