Georgia Online Driver's Ed- $29.95

  • DDS-Approved Joshua Law Course (Lic # DT 549)signup button
  • Up to $150. tax credit ... More Info 
  • Insurance discount when combined with the 6 hour Behind-the-Wheel driving lessons
  • Requirement for all 16 year olds applying for a Class D Provisional Driver's License
  • Complete at your own pace
  • Take until you pass
  • Receive Certificate by email after successfully completing our 30 hour online course (Certificates will be emailed during business hours)
  • No hidden fees
  • Created by Somastream Interactive 
  • This course has been approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services

Georgia DDS requires that Driver Education Courses are 30 hours long and our course has a timer to ensure you spend the required amount of time studying the material. When you have completed all of the modules, passed all of the quizzes and satisfied this time requirement, you will be able to take the 30 question comprehensive final exam and complete the course. You’ll need to answer at least 70% of the questions correctly to pass. You can retake the final as many times as you would like at no additional cost.

When you complete the course, DDS will be notified and you will receive an official Georgia DDS Certificate of Completion by email.



GA Online Driver's Ed and 6 hour private in-car lessons- $295.00signup button

You may complete your 6 hour in-car lessons before, during or after your completion of our online Driver's Ed course. Please call 404-993-5622 to schedule your appointment for your 6 hour behind-the-wheel course.