arrowChecklist for Provisional D license road test- Citizens

checked checkbox 16 Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program Certificate (ADAP) or eDAP Certificate

checked checkbox 16 Certificate of Attendance (DS-1)

checked checkbox 16 30 Hour Driver's Ed Certificate- Necessary only for 16 year olds

checked checkbox 16 Parental Affidavit Form (If Driver Training School Instructor is taking you to the test instead of parent/legal guardian)

checked checkbox 16 Learner's Permit

checked checkbox 16 40 hour of supervised driving, at least 6 hours at night (parent/teen log signed by parent or 6 hour certificate from driving school plus signed affidavit by instructor or parent verifying that the requirement has been met.

checked checkbox 16 Completed Application online

con info Non-citizens should always have passport and immigration documents when visiting the Department of Driver Services for a service.


Please schedule your road test appointments before starting your driving sessions. Currently, there is a 3-4 week wait time for road test appointment schedules. Please book in advance.